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You know there is a website the Internet needs and doesn’t have. There needs to be a site where you can go to see commercials.

I know it sounds strange, but stay with me for a minute.

I’m reading J.T.’s site where he talks about Nicole Kidman’s Chanel #5 commercial. Now I’m a fan of Kidman’s -less so now that she is a blonde- and I’d like to see the commercial, but I haven’t run into it my limited sojourns on TV.

But it isn’t online anywhere.

First I try Chanel’s website. But they don’t have it there. Duh. They pay millions of dollars to get this commercial on TV but they don’t distribute it on their own site for free?

Second I try Yahoo’s new video search and find a different Chanel No. 5 commercial, but no Kidman version.

It would be cool if there were a site like TV Tome or IMDB for commercials. OK, not the info on who’s in them – though that would be cool – but the commercials themselves. More like Apple’s movie trailer site.

If someone big did it they could host the files, but a little guy would have to settle for linking to them.

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  1. J.T. says:

    How’s it going guy. Here’s the link to the ad. http://www.nicolekidmanunit

    Have a great holiday as well.

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