Spending Money


I’ve been spending too much money lately. Luckily we have it right now.

Last weekend we went to the Texas Renaissance Festival and that cost over $200 once you include costume costs.

Last night I pre-ordered and prepaid for Halo 2 which is going to be released at Midnight on Monday. That was over $50.

Today I won and auction for the first 5 issues of the Astonishing X-Men written by Josh Whedon. That was $45 with shipping.

I just got a call from the local Barnes and Noble saying that I’m Just Here For More Food is in. Whoo hoo.

After the Renaissance Festival I decided I want to buy a sword. Of course I need a sword like a hole in the head. But I still want one. Of course for a similar amount of money I could get some knives I would really use. Probably going to put this one off.

The Renaissance Festival also made my wife decide I need a kilt. And they ain’t cheap.

We’re planning on going back to the Renaissance Festival next weekend and that will cost some money even though we don’t plan on taking the boys. But that means we’ll have more time to shop and there is lots of art for the Mrs.

Anyway just thought I’d write this all down. Beats banging my head against NSBrowser.