Republicans, Have Some Class


So we won. There is no need to gloat. This is a golden rule kind of thing. Remember how we felt in 1996 when Dole lost to Clinton and we thought the world was going to end and the streets were going to run red with the blood aborted babies? That’s how our Democratic friends are feeling now. So give them a break.

I work in a heavily Republican office. My office mate is one of 2 Democrats working here. I hope I’ve been gracious is our discussion of the results of last night. But one of my co-workers sticks her head in and starts singing “Whose in the white house, Bush Bush” to the tune of Who Let the Dogs Out.

I did immediately say “I’m trying to convince him we Republicans have some class. But that just went out the window.”

Another co-worker is giving the other Democrat crap for losing. Now in this case they have been going back and forth for weeks over the election, but still give it a rest. You won, be big about it.

The only Democrat who deserves derision is this guy who runs a fairly good Mac blog. America isn’t rotten to the core. Give me a break. And the streets of Houston aren’t covered in garbage, the streets of liberal San Francisco are. Any way I’ll avoid a rant on his post. He can always move to France.

And while I did stay up till 1:30 AM this morning I also went to see Team America. It is funny in the same way South Park is.

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  1. Stephanie says:

    I appreciate the desire to be classy in the Republican victory. Let me just say I’m glad I’m not at my old office right about now.

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