Garage Glamour Seminar


After getting approval to go out of town the last weekend before my wife starts teaching school again, I signed up last night for the “Glamour, Beauty & the Nude” workshop in San Antonio this month.

My big fears are I won’t be a good enough photographer and won’t know I shot nothing by crap till I get the pictures developed. My hopes are I’ll learn how to take better portraits in general so I can take pictures of friends that they will love. And I want to learn about the business of glamour photography. I’d like another hobby that makes some money.

I have a feeling Model of the Week at the end of August maybe one of the models from the workshop, hopefully with pictures I shot.

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  1. Chuck Simmins says:

    For what it’s worth… my goal was always to make my model look the best that they can, to have the viewer exclaim: "That’s you! And you look fabulous!"

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