Model of the Week: Anna Lieb


Got a redhead this week. And this one has her own website. Which isn’t a blog but a step closer. She actually has two web sites, one is a free and one pay. Anna Lieb’s free site has a bunch of good photos and information about her. Anna’s private site(NWS) has nude photos, but I didn’t really explore it.

Picked another foreigner by accident. Didn’t realize she was born is Sweden until I read her about me. I stumbled on to her website after looking through Clicko’s Garage Glamour photographer’s portfolio(NWS). There was this cute redhead in his list with no link, but her name. I put the name into google and found her site. Once I hit her home page I knew we had a contender. Red hair, porcelain skin, well proportioned figure and her own web site.

There are a few pictures of her as a blonde, and she does look good as a blonde, but the red is best.

Stripper shoe rant

The only thing in her pictures I didn’t like was she has a tendency to wear “stripper shoes”. Any high heel with a platform on the front of the shoe is what I call a stripper shoe. I just don’t like them. I asked a dancer once why she wore them and she said because they may her taller. Well that might be a good reason to wear them in a club where a dancer is competing against other possibly taller girls for attention, but a model doesn’t need them in a photo shoot. Height generally doesn’t matter because the photographer can make her look short or tall for effect.

High heels accomplish a number of purposes in fashion and photography. They elongate the leg. They enforce a pointing of the toes, which causes the calf and thigh muscles to flex and be more defined. They make her stand up straight because she has to balance on her toes and not her heels. Standing up straight causes her chest to stick out and therefore makes her breasts more prominent. But all of these things are accomplish by raising the heel. Change in height of the toe does nothing to increase these benefits.

Anyway I’m a big fan of high heels (must be over 3″), but hate platform heels.

Rant over

That being said some of Anna’s best pictures are in stripper shoes. A long high slit dress in the a semi-dark room. And a skin tight full length skirt.

Anna was on Playboy’s site but has yet to make it into their print publications. She was also a Reader Babe of the Day on game site IGN.

If you’d like to have this cute redhead staring at you all day long, you can download desktop pictures (known as wall paper to Windoze people) from her site. I found those pictures to be a little busy for my desktop. You can find some more refined pictures at platnium-celebs.

Notice to Photographers

Written while listening to “Toxic”
album In The Zone
by Britney Spears
Written while listening to “El Tango De Roxanne”
album Moulin Rouge Soundtrack
by Ewan McGregor, Jose Feliciano, and Jacek Koman
Written while listening to “You Don’t Know Me”
album Bad Bad One
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album Beautiful Garbage
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Written while listening to “Pleasure”
album Bad Bad One
by Meredith Brooks


  1. Carlene says:

    A stripper explained to me that the higher the front platform, the flatter the shoe could be (less of an arch), so it was actually more comfortable to dance in and had the illusion of extreme height.

    Personally, I agree with you. As a connoisseur I believe stripper shoes are a bane on fashion and serves only to distinguish an occupation.

    (BTW, thanks for the welcome back.)

  2. Anonymous says:

    I used to think that was true of platforms too but it seems – from pictures at least – to allow the heel to be higher, but the difference is still around 4". I guess you can then say you are wearing 6" heels even though to your feet it still only titled at 4".

    Since they move your feet 2" off the floor they seem to screw up your balance. At least a lot of them look like they are about to fall over.

  3. Anna Lieb says:

    Thank you for featuring me on your excellent site!! And thank you for the sweet comments! I feel very honored and you certainly made my day!! 🙂
    Thank you!!

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