Kingwood Kuk Sool Won


As I mentioned a couple of days ago, I’m thinking about going back to Kuk Sool Won. Last night we finally made it to the kids class. It was interesting. I was actually drawn to it, remembering it as being fun. Micah was totally opposed. Elijah wanted to try one class. That didn’t seem an option. I may email and ask if they have any kind of introductory deal, even though they didn’t mention one.

The class was looser than those in Austin. The kids didn’t form lines while stretching for instance. Master Roper joked more than Master Lee, but that maybe he was easier to understand and so he just seemed to be joking more. Watching the class I realized he was more interested in the white belts just moving than moving right. At first I thought maybe he didn’t care about form, but then I noticed he got on to the brown and red belts about it, but not the whites.

At the Kingwood school they had a picture of each of the belts and an character attribute next to it. They didn’t have this in Austin. White was fitness, yellow was concentration, blue was perseverance. That was interesting to me. And it related to how the belts were instructed. White just had to keep moving. Yellow had to do the right thing, not necessarily the right way.

I’m interested to see how the adult classes work. One of the things that I found frustrating in Austin was I felt they wanted me to do things they hadn’t taught me. The big one was when I got to my yellow belt test and the called me up to break a board with a spinning side kick. I’d never even seen someone do that kick, much less been taught it. But I tried and actually fell down the first time. Then I did it again and broke the board. Master Roper seems more approachable as well, so I feel I could bring concerns to him easier.

They said I earned my belt so I would be a blue belt there. Blue isn’t an advanced class until red strip here, so I’d be in the basic class anyway. Which I’d prefer, though I don’t really want to be the top ranked person in the class when I don’t remember anything.

They also said the first time you come you go to a private class. They teach you all of the basics so when you go to a regular class you know what is going on. Which is cool.

The Mrs went with us last night, but she was in a bad mood, which I’m not sure was a good thing. OK I know it was a bad thing. Think she’s low on carbs. It turns out the cost of 4 people in a family is the same as the cost of 3. So she could go for free. I don’t see that happening though.

The cost is really higher than I think we can afford though. It $197 per month for 3/4. $75 for one. With a down payment of around $100 per person. Also this is a year commitment, even if you don’t want to do it later. Which is a big deal with kids who may not want to keep doing it after a few weeks.

We can’t afford to do it right now any way you look at it. Plus I want to rebuild some strength and wind before starting. So its will be a while.