Ideal weight


Since I started my new diet I’ve been purging my desk of candy and snacks I can no longer eat. Yesterday it was a 1/2 a pound of red hots – my favorite candy – and mini-bags of microwave popcorn. Today I discovered half a box of Super Hot Tamales and put them out.

One of my co-workers came by and asked what diet I was on. I said low-fat, low-carb. He said why are you on a diet, you’re not fat. I said I was. Another co-worker said I had body image problems (tongue in cheek). So I decided to see if I really was fat from a scientific point of view.

According to Halls MD site I am in a number of ways. They don’t think much of Body Mass Index for determining if you are over weight, but I’m definitely over weight via BMI. My BMI is 26.3. Supposedly anything over 25 is overweight. I know BMI breaks down if you have a lot of muscle, but I don’t.

Even using Hall’s “People’s choice” index I’m over. I’m suppose to be 187.

Last night I was going crazy for food. I wanted Promise Land chocolate Milk and powdered donuts real bad. I almost quit. Today things are better. I’m off the green vegetables and beef section of the diet. I had cinnamon toast made with low-fat butter and Splenda for breakfast and it was the best thing ever.

My weight this morning was 199.4. That’s down from 205.3 on Saturday morning.

Written while listening to “Hold My Hand”
by Hootie And The Blowfish