Galveston & RX-8


My father in law took the kids to a water park today and that left my wife with nothing to do. I’d wanted to take a day off and just drive my car, but she wouldn’t let me on Monday. Today she did and we drove down to Galveston.

I took pictures of the car on the sea wall there. They aren’t that great even after iPhoto enhanced them. The sun was too bright and the sky too white. I need a polarizing filter for the camera. But hey I just bought a new car.

Pictures of the RX-8 in Galveston can be seen on my dot Mac account.

I sent the URL to my father and a buddy of mine and both are accusing me of going through a mid-life crisis. Same thing I got when I bought the Firebird.

Written while listening to “This Is The Life”
album Dangerous Minds
by Wendy and Lisa