British RX-8 commercial.

Well I’m now the proud owner of an RX-8. I really like the car. It was painful parting with Phox, my Firebird, but the RX is a lot more car. My best friend has a Porsche Boxster and thinks mine is comparable.

Buying Experience

In the age of the internet buying a new car is suppose to be an easy thing. You get the invoice, you offer $500 more and you get the car.

It ain’t that easy.

I went to Edmund’s and asked for quotes from four dealers. None sent me a quote. They all wanted me to call them. Eventually I did call some of them, but it wasn’t easy from there.

The first dealership I talked to a guy and he said he’d send me a quote. Then I went in and they offered me $3500 for my Firebird, and asked alot of annoying questions about it. They said they’d get back to me with a quote on a lease. They finally called late that night and said I shouldn’t be leasing. That they’d send me a quote to buy via email, but they were closed on Saturday. They still haven’t sent anything.

I told a friend I was having problems. I’d gone to the nearest Mazda dealership and they hadn’t been able to give me info on a lease they had advertised. It turns out my friend’s sister had bought a Kia from the same dealer. So he knew the sales manager and called him. He called me Friday night but I was busy and he left a message. I called him back Saturday morning and he said I could get the deal I wanted on “the base model with the Nav system.”

I thought this a little weird because when I was at the dealer, they didn’t have any of the base model. No automatics at all. Turns out he meant the base of the manual. Anyway the deal was still at a payment I wanted so the Mrs and I decided to go in the next morning.

Selling Phox

Let me back up and tell you about selling Phox. When the other dealer offered me $3500 he said I could go to Carmax, but they probably wouldn’t give me more. So I thought I’d at least find out. We went to Carmax Friday night. Phox looked great because I’d just had her cleaned. If you want a true no hassle buying or selling experience Carmax is the place to go. They have a system that is very easy and, since they don’t haggle, simple. They will look your car over and give you an offer to buy it. Its good for 3 days or 300 miles. They offered me $5100 for Phox.

So Saturday morning we took Phox back and sold her. I almost cried. I loved that car as much as any since my first one. It was my first sports car.

Buying Sheila

After selling Phox, we went and put the bank draft in the bank and went to the local Mazada dealer. Here’s when something happen that still pisses me off. I will probably write a letter about it.

Remember we went to this dealer before on Wednesday and test drove. At that time we had a salesmen named Clarence. On Saturday we were going to talk to the sales manager Cedrick and didn’t want a salesman. There was the other salesman, Matt, who had seen me on Wednesday and knew I wanted the RX. When we pull into the parking lot Matt is on us in a flash. I say I want to talk to Cedrick, he says Cedrick is busy and he can help me. We walk on in as I’m trying to get away from him. I shake hands with Clarence and then Cedrick walks up, Matt introduces us and from then on Matt is our salesman. I felt bad for Clarence. And Matt really didn’t do anything special.

Anyway we spent a three or four hours working through the lease calculations. Then doing it again after my wife freaked the cost and wanted to walk. We restructured the deal to her liking and everything eventually got done.

Gratuituous Driving

I’ve put 300 miles on it in the first two days. I ended up with the navigation system which is cool. It is a bit of a distraction, so I try not to use it all the time, but I am a geek here.

First tank of gas I measured was only after about 80 miles, and it got 15 MPG. Which is low and I have to put premium gas in it which is 10-15 cents more a gallon. So my fuel costs will go up.

Its fast. I have to watch it all the time because it is so smooth you don’t realize you are going 55 in a 35, or 70 on the highway.

It seems to have a “Race Me” sign on the back. Lots of sporty cars come running up on me from behind. This morning on the way to work a Trans Am came up behind me and I got over because I was already doing 70 in a 65 and don’t have a radar detector. He pulled up next to me and I saw he had radar detector next to the nitros dial on his dash. So I figured I could go a little faster behind him. When I pulled in behind him he started speeding up. I gave it a little more gas and kept up, which made him go even faster. I won’t tell you how fast we were going when he kicked in the nitro and I let him go. My wife reads the blog.

Needless to say it was fast and I feel the car had more in it and could have gone a lot faster if I’d shifted up to sixth instead of starting there.

Oh and the car is red. People are starting to assume I prefer red cars because both our cars and Firebird are red. But really I prefer cheap cars. I went into the dealer and said I wanted the cheapest one he had, which was red. There was one $1000 more, and it was yellow, so I’m glad what ever feature it had I didn’t get. It would have tested my ability to say no.

The name comes from Red vs. Blue. The first time the navigation system talked to me I thought of Sheila, the tank in Red vs. Blue. So really it is the name of the nav system, but its been generalized to the whole car.

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