Babeage: Ericka


Its been a while since I posted any picture of beautiful women, so here goes. I download a lot of pictures off I then put them in a screen saver and they cycle (no pun intended) across my screen during the day.

Ericka Hoffman came up in that list. She’s got a great girl next door sweetness being right on the border of cute and pretty. Naughty and Nice. She’s also got a great body with a wonderful mid section. A little research and I found Ericka’s site at SoCalRiders.

Just discovered while doing this post that there is an interview with her up on their site. (Which just goes to show the rampant testotorne poisoning in the sport bike world) And she has a yahoo group.

She also has gorgeous brown eyes. You know brown eyes don’t get the respect they deserve. It think it takes an uncommon purity of color to achieve pretty brown eyes but when you do they are great.

Written while listening to “Children Of The Sun”
album Children of the Sun…Revisite
by Billy Thorpe


  1. lillepalle says:

    It’s that Ericka… She’s so hot right now

  2. Ron says:

    That is an Ericka, but see seems to me to have disappeared. Do you have current stuff on her?

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