Think First


For the rebirth and growth of R.A.D. Productions, I first started thinking about it differently. I started asking different questions.

I knew RAD was a source of passive income, even though I had to work to produce the products, because even when I was doing nothing I still made money. It was a lot like royalties, you work up front and then get paid over time while doing nothing else.

So I started wondering, could I make more over time by putting in some effort in different ways? The big problem with RAD is no one in the target market has heard of us. We don’t get much press and do no advertising. So I immediately thought about doing some advertising.

But wait if I do advertising what is its goal? Obviously I want people to buy my products. So a user clicks on an ad and buys the product. Well there are a few steps in there and if I’m not set up for those steps I’d be wasting money advertising. So I asked myself, what happens when they click on the ad? They go to the website.

I have a tendency to be a usability freak, especially when it has to do with websites. Last time I did a redesign of the RAD website I was gung ho about blogging and essentially turned it into a blog. Problem is it is less focused on getting people to buy the product. You have to click at least twice before you can download the software. Its hard to find the advantages of the product.

So I decided I need to redesign the website.

In addition to usability the site need to look better, cooler and more professional. For this I need a professional. So I went looking for a graphic designer to design a logo for the company and redo the website.

Next time I’ll talk about how that went.