I’m at MacWorld San Francisco this week, so don’t expect much posting. Today is the first day I got over to the wireless hot spot and got connected even to get my mail.

Don’t worry Carlene I’ve got the pictures from the party back, but they all basically suck. I’ll post them anyway but don’t expect anything interesting.

I actually know less about what is happening at the show than people outside it do. We didn’t see the Keynote and I haven’t even gotten the chance to go see the new mini-pods. I did get a chance to go the see the Harmony Remote that I’m thinking about getting as birthday present for myself. It is cool and looks like it would actually work. And it is show priced at $130 instead of $199.

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  1. Carlene says:

    Let us know what you think of the mini-iPods. I’m not an Apple person, but I’m thinking of getting one anyway. In metallic green, if you’re feeling generous. 🙂

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