Bad Blogger


I’m a bad blogger because I haven’t posted in forever. And I don’t really feel like posting now, but I need to do stuff I don’t feel like doing.

MWSF was ok. The trip was too long but the food was good. I hate standing around and my feet hurt. There wasn’t much really cool stuff at the show. The new mini-iPods are…well small. I think everyone is upset because they thought there was going to be cheap iPods instead Apple release models that are on the bottom end of their iPod line, both in size and cost.

Been focusing on money more, which can be a good or bad thing. I’m learning a lot about stocks and real estate. We’ll see how much of it I put into practice. I’m also going to focus more on getting my new product out with my software company and work on increasing sales and cash flow from that.

I’ve posted the crappy pictures from my New Years Costume Party

Written while listening to “The Long Day Is Over”
album Come Away With Me
by Norah Jones