Hush Part 2: VIP


My best friend is a doctor, which means he makes a crap load of money. The other guy in this group is a director IT guy (we’ll call him E) and his wife (V) is a pharmaceutical sales rep, so they make good money. And they dress like it. Me I’m debt poor and dress middle class. While we mostly sat and people watched our friends mostly danced. They’d come by every so often to have a drink and check on us.

Did I mention Hush has go-go dancers? Actually I don’t know know what the technical definition of a go-go dancer but these people – both male and female – dance either on the DJ stage or on two raised circular stages around the dance floor. Actually there are a couple of other places they dance, but I’ll get to that.

E & V are standing talking to us in our balcony seats. near the entrance to the VIP area. One of the suits from the club comes by walks up to E and says “Come with me, I have something I want to show you.” So the four of us are escorted into the VIP and into an elevator, where we ascend to the 4th floor. This is the Skybox or the VIP VIP. The suit gave us a mini speel about how Hush is the #1 club in Houston and like #2 in the country. I really wanted to ask, “Says who”, but hey I was getting free access because of a friend.

In later discussion we wondered why they picked E? At one point M asked him about his watch and he said it cost $1600. Neither my friend nor I could conceive of spending that much money on a watch unless it was a serious gadget. The point is I guess those club suits are trained to notice that kind of thing.

The actual area is a narrow balcony that over looks the dance floor, which was now wall to wall people. It spreads out at one end, where there is are some couches and a poll with a dancer. Did I mention what the girl dancers wear? Well the two asian girls on the main stage were in two piece outfits. All the Caucasian women dancers were in panties and painted on latex for tops.

The dancer on the poll upstairs was wearing the same. We hung out there a while and eventually E&V went down to get our other friends. One of the latexed girls from the stage came up and danced with the other dancer for a while. I was throughly enjoying myself.

While we were hanging out we met a cute girl who looked like Britney Spears trying to go incognito. She had on a blue jean mini skit, boots, a midriff exposing pastel top and a pink hat covering strait blonde hair. At one point a middle aged hispanic guy came up to her and offered to light her cigarette, which she let him do. Then she turns away from the guy to the balcony right next to my wife, leans over to her and says “Laugh like I just said something funny before”. To which Suanna laughed.

“You did that well. Thanks”

“No problem.”

They had a conversation to make it possible for her to nicely ignore the guy. She told Suanna she’s a loan officer for a bank, but works at Saltgrass on the weekends because she likes the cash. Two guys from the club were her customers and gave her free passes to the club including VIP. So she’d brought her girl friend and come. (Her friend was over on one of the couches intently watching the two dancers do naughty things). She also told my wife that she’ didn’t look like she was having a good time and she should think of what would make her happy and go do that. Suanna told her she was having a good time.

BTW latex starts wearing off after a couple of hours. Especially if you are dancing under hot lights the whole time.

Written while listening to “Come What May”
album Moulin Rouge Soundtrack
by Nicole Kidman&Ewan McGregor
Written while listening to “Relax”
album Just Can’t Get Enough- New Wave Hits Of The ’80s, Vol.13
by Frankie Goes To Hollywood