Hush Part 1: Gross stuff first


Sunday was my best friend M’s birthday and so Saturday night we went out to Hush a new Houston night club with him and his wife (D) and another couple.

The Mrs and I aren’t big dancers or drinkers nor have we spent a lot of time in these kind of places. But we were there to be social and it was interesting. I have a couple of anecdotes and observations.

We got there a little before 10 because there was no cover for the women till then. It was pretty much empty, no one was on the dance floor and you could hold a conversation anywhere but the dance floor. The club is all concrete, stainless steel and black marble. The club has 4 floors, 1 and half that are open to the public the rest that are VIP. We got drinks and eventually the girls got out on the dance floor and eventually we guys joined them. After some dancing Suanna and I retired to the second floor and grab seats next to the balcony where we could people watch for a couple of hours. Which leads to anecdote #1.

The club started filling up around midnight. We were sitting a level up and opposite the main bar. I was people watching a cute fantasy trio – a blonde, brunette and redhead – when I noticed a guy in a white shirt grab a dark shirted guy around the sholders and start dragging him away from the bar. He was obviously a friend and at first I thought he was the drunk one trying to get his sober friend to go with him somewhere. They start weaving through the crowd, then Dark Shirt kind of leans forward and coughs and they move on. But he wasn’t coughing. Because a big hole opened up in the crowd and it soon became obvious the guy had puked on the floor.

The interesting thing wasn’t the puking. It was the way the crowd and the club handled it. At first there was a wide opening around the site. Then the hole opened and closed and the people who had seen it avoided it and the people who didn’t see it walked through it. We told our waitress what happen and she said the club had people who would come and clean it up. Right. Eventually people just totally ignored it and walked in it. It was gross and funny at the same time.

The next anecdote isn’t near as gross and involves half naked women.

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