Femme Fatale


I don’t normally do film reviews but I watched Femme Fatale last night and its been on my mind since.

I put the movie in my NetFlix queue because Rebecca Romijn-Stamos was in it and I wanted to see if she could actually act. I’ve seen her in X-man but frankly being painted blue and fighting a lot doesn’t require a lot of acting.

The movie was just strange. It actually reminded me a little of Run Lola Run, sort of the European nonlinear parts. It is an interesting script, though weird and maybe a little disjointed. It does give Rebecca the chance to play a wide range of character and emotion. The point is she is a bad girl and changes to get her way.

She is pretty, though I found her a little on the skinny side. Can’t complain about a movie that involves a lesbian sex scene in the first 10 minutes. And she does strip a couple of times, but there is no actual breastage. I take that back, you do see her nude underwater near the end of the movie, but there are a bunch of bubbles involved. (God I sound like a perv).

Rebecca’s voice is very harsh. At least when she is speaking English. Her French and french accented English were very sexy. I don’t know if that’s the way she normally speaks or if it was for her character. For some reason I kept thinking there was some actress who was playing a military person that sounded like her, but I couldn’t figure out who.

The movie is worth a rent if you are into thriller/caper type movies.

Almost forgot to mention some of my eruditeness. There is a scene the early part of the movie where Antonio Banderas gets a phone call. The voice on the other end is John Stamos, whom I recognized, but is uncredited in the film.

Also notice the change in clothing colors in the last scenes of the movie.

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