Xmas wish list


Thought I’d start the Christmas wish list early.

Froogle Wish List

Amazon Wish List, which has a bunch of DVDs on it and a couple of gun books.


A Nikon Speedlight flash. Needs to be “aimable” meaning it pivots up and down.

Portable reflectors, white, gold, silver.

An off camera mount for the flash.

Studio lighting.


Kershaw Shun knives. Prefer the three knife Alton Brown set

A food processor

Electric Kettle

Toaster Oven

Garlic Peeler

Melon Baller


Any of these guns:

M1 Carbine

A shotgun

A Walther PPK

H&K MP-5

Removed but here for historical purposes:

From 2003:

(Paid myself)Tuition to the Glamour, Beauty & the Nude photography workshop in San Antonio.

(Bought myself) A water proof camera bag.M-Rock Grand Canyon

(Bought myself) A circular polarizing filter for first my 62mm zoom and then for my 52mm main lens. (These are the diameter of the lens opening and hence the filter size).

(Received Xmas 2003) A cable release for my N80.

Gift certificates for developing.

(Received Xmas 2003) N80 battery pack. MB-16.

I’d also like an internal 80GB HD for my Powerbook. (UATA-66,9.5 in) OWC or TransIntl

1 or 2 magazines for a Walther P99. (Cheaper or factory)


  1. Suzi says:

    I thought the MB-10 was for N90s and the MB-16 was for N80. But you say you have an N80. Am I wrong or is that an error?

  2. Anonymous says:

    You are right. Good catch I’ve changed the post.

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