Why not


I have to confess I’ve not read Electric Venom before, but Dizzy pointed to a post desiring trackbacks and I decided to do it.

One thing I find interesting is I think Reactuate doesn’t get much in the way of traffic. Mainly because there aren’t a lot of comments nor referrer links, but my official HTTP stats say my average successful requests per day is 2,366. There have been 12,684 successful requests in the 7 day period ending last night. Electric says she gets 1657 hits a day. Are my stats right?

And for some reason all the songs for this post seem related in a weird subconscious way.

UPDATE: Haven’t looked at the referrer page in a while. I got hammered from the outsidethebeltway blogger chick post though I didn’t comment there until today so why did I get hit yesterday? I also didn’t trackback till today.

UPDATE AGAIN: I did trackback there on the 28th, just didn’t see my site until I looked at all 30 of the trackbacks and not just the first ones that were listed under the post.

Written while listening to “The Way It Is”
by Bruce Hornsby
Written while listening to “I’m Not A Girl Not a Woman”
album Britney
by Britney Spears
Written while listening to “I Need a Hero”
album Footloose soundtrack
by Bonnie Tyler