More Blogging VH1


Ran down stairs and grabbed my back pack and other battery. But alas the battery was dead. So I ended up wired.

Hooters. Some bald guy. Reminds me of Lex Luthor. All you Zombies?

No Julie Brown on iTunes.

Oh I remember this song now. It’s about Moses. Remember thinking that was so cool when I was a teen.

No Trapped in the Body of a White Girl on Gnutella. There is one Julie Brown song, Because I’m a Blonde.

Since I’ve got Acquisition going I hit my Krista Allen search.

Hooters song ends with some Commie looking guy hanging upside down.

J. Geils Band. “Come Back”. I went to the J. Geils Band concert when I was a teen. Only went to 2 concerts as a teen. Jethro Tull was the other one. This video is lame. Centerfold is their best song any way. Watching some white guy dance 4 steps over and over is lame.

Don’t you Forget about Me. Promo. Got to get that song if I don’t have.

Teach for Fears. Girl is a red one piece bathing suit in a pool. With and alligator. Mmmm.

Written while listening to “‘Cause I’m a blonde”
by Julie Brown

My God there’s a Julie Brown Wiki.. Still no lyrics.

Kate Bush hounds of love. Quality of videos is going up. Don’t know about the quality of the music.

R.E.M with pictures of homeless people. Think I’ve had enough VH1.

Well I hope you’ve enjoyed my venture into live blogging of VH1.