Rick Springfield


I’m going through iTunes Music store listening to each song on The Best of Rick Springfield trying to decide if I want to buy it. If I find a certain number of songs I like I’ll buy the whole album. Doesn’t have to be 10 songs, which is the point the 9.99 price is less than buying all the songs.

Jessie’s Girl I already have.

I’ve Done Everything for You has a good hook, but I’m just not as into the anger at women thing as when I was a teenager.

Love is Alright Tonight. No real feelings about it.

Don’t Talk to Strangers. Reminds me a of Robbie Dupree(?) song I listened to way too much back then. No thanks.

What Kind of Fool Am I? Never heard of it before.

You know at this point I’m thinking I must of remembered Rick as better than he was.

I Get Excited. Actually like the beginning. Like the lyrics too. I may get this one. “I’d buy that for a dollar”.

Reconfigured my iTunes prefs to use a shopping cart instead of a one click to buy. There are 4 Liz Phair songs in there already from when I used to have it this way.

Affair of the Heart OK.

Human Touch I knew this was one I’d probably buy before I started listening. Maybe it had to do with the Sci Fi video as youth, but I like it.

Souls I kind of remember this one, but didn’t think of it as that title.

Love Somebody Kind of remember this on too.

Don’t Walk Away Snore.

Bop ‘Til You Drop OK I’m back to wondering.

Taxi Dancing Some kind of duet. It sucks.

Celebrate Youth Mmmm. Doesn’t suck, but ain’t that good either.

State of the Heart This, like the last one, was from a later more “mature” album.

Rock of Life More maturity.

OK so I listened to the whole album and there are two songs in my shopping cart. I think I’ll go ahead and get the 4 Liz Phair’s too even though I’ve stolen them already because she needs the money. Here’s the list Insanity (an exclusive), Why Can’t I, Hot White Cum, Extraordinary.

This is why Apple is brilliant and iTunes Music Store is easy. I went from spending maybe a dollar to $5.49 plus tax.

The new copy URL feature is really cool too.

Written while listening to “Insanity”
album Exclusive
by Liz Phair
Written while listening to “Why Can’t I?”
album Liz Phair
by Liz Phair


  1. Carlene says:

    Any Rick Springfield song at this point would make me giddy. I’d bop around and do silly 80s steps in my cube. But I doubt I would want to -own- him. Hey, does iTunes only work with Macs or can we lowly PC users get in on it?

  2. Anonymous says:

    Apple just released iTunes for Windows last week. You Windows people have bought over a million songs in 3 days.


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