Blogging VH1 classics


MODE: Live

All Night Long by Lionel Richie. Sure did love those bright colors back in the 80’s. And break dancing was still around.

So I decided I wanted to watch some music videos. Appreantly though I have 4 video channels, there are no actual vidoes. OK I found Pop Show on VH1.

Peter Wolf, Lights Out. It’s amazing how low the quality of these old videos are. Heck I could practically shoot and edit this stuff myself.

Oh the hair. How big can it get.

First video I saw was the Captain and Tennille and really wasn’t a music video. Though Tennille looked pretty good with big blonde hair and bright lip gloss. Top was open to her waist with her bra showing. Pretty risky.

Starship, Build This City on Rock and Roll. A good song. kind of weird video. The director seemed to have discovered the super impose ability of his editing machine and used it for everything. Wow Lincoln is in this one. Even sings a little.

Kept watching because there was a Rick Springfield video and at lunch I heard and sung along with Jessie’s Girl, which I said I’d buy if it was on iTunes. Could connect after lunch. Let’s try again.

Its there.

Tracey Ullman. Isn’t she a comedian? 50 styles. Actually 70s retro to the 50s. She’s actually kind of pretty. Bowling ball between her legs. Home movies. Wonder if they are really her.

Now at the end of the video, she’s all frumpy and …wait Paul McCartney. Wow. They Don’t know about us. was the name of the song.

Playing the White Album backwards on a promo.

OK looks like Pop Show is over. Now its the eighties show.

Ohh Prince, Let’s Go Crazy. Love this song. He’s such a freak, but great music. This is from Purple Rain the movie.

Oh No Let’s Go…Let’s Go Crazy. Dr Everything gonna be all right. Please Cumm…

I’m now the proud owner of Jessie’s Girl

Written while listening to “Jessie’s Girl”
album Rick Springfield: Greatest Hits
by Rick Springfield

Julie Brown. Short skirts. high heels. Song kind of sucks. “Trapped in the body of a white girl” Oh god this is too much. “Show me your’s I’ll show you mine.” Sort of a Weird Science kind of theme. Got to find these lyrics. Trapped in the Body of a White Girl.

Some lame 50’s song is on now.

The kittens doing Crimson and Clover. Is this a video or a promo? Promo.

Clouds…LA. Ah U2. Where the Streets Have No Name. Cops are shutting them down by the man. No they won’t be shut down. Bono is a rebel. Steady-cams for everyone. Good song though.

Well I’m running out of battery so I’d better post. Still haven’t found the lyrics to Trapped in the Body of a White Girl. Sorry.