In Austin


I’m in Austin right now. A co-worker and I are at a vendor fair at Apple campus. They’ve provided an airport access point to allow us internet access, so I felt obligated to post something.

It has been interesting. I had lunch with an editor from PeachPit Press and we talked about computer books. I somewhat am interested in writing another book. I could use the money and it would be a prestige thing, but it would take a lot of time.

Ohh cute blonde at the booth next to me….smells good too. I’m sure it is a good thing I can smell her perfume this far away…

Aspyr is next to us. I bought The Sims Unleashed on special price and got a free t-shirt. Quark is giving away t-shirts too. I should get one. Haven’t been getting as many free shirts as I used to when I worked for metrowerks or Apple.

Canon is here and they are showing the Digital Rebel.

I’m looking forward to getting back home and playing Halo. The Mrs bought the boy’s new Xbox. So when I get home I can play Halo. Whoo hoo. His birthday is actually Friday, but I told her to go ahead and give it to them because I wanted them to have a chance with it before I started monopolize it. It is a Davis family tradition that Dad takes over the new toys.

Another cute girl, but she’s at our booth. He name is Brittney. (Yes with two t’s) Doesn’t look old enough to be in the work force. But she’s smart and seems to know her stuff. I just talked to her about our two products.

I could hook up my iSight and take some pictures, but that would be too much trouble. There needs to be a iSight frame grabber app.

Later. I tried hooking up the iSight and it didn’t work. I’m afraid it is broken. Dang.

Kelly is kind of cute too. She’s another Apple person, but one in charge of helping us vendors.

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  1. The Tortured Artist says:

    Lucky you – I just happen to have a cool solution for you:

    In a nutshell, open the iChat AV video preview window and hit Cmd-C. Poof. Instant framegrab in your clipboard.

    No go forth and procure me some swag! =-)

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