Britney Followup


In a follow up to my previous entry about Britney Spears, the article and some more pictures are on Esquire’s website.

There is some more quotes from Britney at the bottom of this story on a restraining order she recently got.

An interesting fact is that the photographer is James White, whom I mentioned in my American Photo entry. I’ve actually scanned some of his pictures from that issue, but haven’t posted them yet. Something to look forward to. I also subscribed to the magazine.

Written while listening to “You’re Still The One”
album Come On Over
by Shania Twain

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  1. Richard says:

    I scanned through an Esquire magazine last month and was rather impressed with the masculinity of it. Not the Maxim masculinty of beer and girls in bikinis jumping on trampolines, but the proud but not cocky masculinity. In the September 2003 issue, there’s a great little one page article (of sorts) entitled "7 Shocking Things We Learned from Women’s Magazines". A quick search tells me that they’ve been copied by someone and placed online.

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