Reunion Friday Night


This weekend is my 20th high school reunion. Last night there was a get together at a local bar for the class. It started at seven though we were the first ones there at 7:15. By 10 when the band went on stage I’d say there were 50 people there total, which probably means there will be a good number tonight at the official reunion.

I really think the internet makes a big difference. With places like it is easier to keep up with people and contact them. I didn’t even here about my 10th reunion, but have been looking forward to this one since last March.

First my wife looked great. She was wearing a mini-skirt, high heels, and dark vest over a white shirt. She obviously went all out on make up and hair as well. I’d say she was easily one of the hottest looking women in the place.

Most of the women from my class looked really good. Guys too. I expected everyone to have gotten fat. One of the women, Tammy (Whitney) Insoft, whom I didn’t know, looked really hot. She was there when we were and was the one who started looking around for all the KHSers. I’m sure all the males were very eager to do whatever she wanted. Tan skin, blonde hair, the body of a fitness model. Looked her up in the year book and she was cute, but not knock down drag out hot.

The fact that everyone there was good looking may mean only those people were willing to come out to a less formal setting. Who knows. Guess if there are a lot of swollen people there tonight we can take the previous statement as true.

I was amazed how far away people came from. One guy is a cop in LA. One in the Army stationed in DC. There was a woman from Michigan and one from North Carolina. Tammy was from Florida.

My nightmare was true. Nobody knew me. But then I really didn’t know anyone there either. And that was true for most people there. You have to remember my graduating class had like 430 people in it. So the chances of you knowing someone well out of 50 or so was pretty small.

One of my friends, who graduated a year ahead of me, told me the other night that the people who went on Friday were just connected more on Saturday. They didn’t have to go through the “Hi how are you stage”. I can understand that now. I was just walking up to groups of people I didn’t recognize people in and introducing myself just because it didn’t really matter. I also ran into two alumni at the grocery store today and we said hi to each other and talked a bit even though I didn’t know them before last night. So tonight should be fun. (Couple of margaritas probably didn’t hurt either).

If you stand around a group of people for a couple of hours staring at them intently trying to recognize them, you will start to think you know everyone. Its really weird.

My best friend since high school, through college lives here. We hang out all the time. He got there about 8:30 and we started looking for people he knew. Twice we thought someone was from our class and when we introduced ourselves we found out they were spouses.

I think it was worse for the people who everyone knew, like our valedictorian, but who didn’t know that many other people. Then everyone comes up to you and says hi and knows you and you have no idea who they are.

I’m not near as nervous about tonight as I was. I should have brought my camera last night but I’m going to for sure tonight, so hopefully there will be some pictures up soon.

Also my Mrs was a room working machine. I think she talked to and got to know more people than I did.