Lenny Freaking Kravitz?


Being a fan, I’m amazed about Nicole Kidman’s new love. You know Lenny Kravitz is one of those guys who guys just don’t understand. Women seem to think he’s hot, but I think the guy is just bone ugly. Now he bags one of my most beautiful women.

I just don’t get it. Guess he must be a nice guy, right? Chicks like nice guys. Especially hot chicks.


Guy has to be a jerk. All hot chicks like jerks. I mean look at Nicole’s first husband. Cruise was suppose to be a mega-jerk. Can’t expect a hollywood chick to do better next time out.

Of course all I really know about Kidman is the persona she has carefully manufactured. She’s suppose to be something of a wild child in real life. But people who work with her seem to like her.

Ok this was a rant.

In reality I hope I’m wrong about jerkhood and Nicole find happiness.

Written while listening to “Stigmatized”
album Camino Palmero
by The Calling
Written while listening to “Hungry Heart”
album Greatest Hits
by Bruce Springsteen
Written while listening to “Your Song”
album Greatest Hits
by Elton John