Phone Deal


My wife has an “old” cell phone. A Qualcom 1960. We’ve had it maybe 2 years. But that makes it old. Her power adapter broke. First place I go is the Sprint store. I take in the phone and say I need a power adapter. They laugh at me. The phone is way old.

So I go searching on the web for one. I find on at a cellular accessories site for $14.95. I order. The next day I get an email saying they don’t really have one. They say they might be able to find one, but it would take 14 days so they cancel the order.

So I go looking on eBay. Well there aren’t any power adapters. No there was one for $7 buy it now. So I put in the name of the phone and I find an auction that is 2 of these phones, each with a power adapter, plus a car adapter and a headset adapter. The opening and current price is…. 99¢.

I bid willing to go up to $5 but I win it uncontested.

Sometimes you can still get a good deal on eBay. Of course right now someone is getting a good deal on a TIVO. But in that case I’m the seller and I want them to get a bad deal. Oh well.