God I’m an Idiot


I just discovered I have a whole email box that I’ve never looked at. Not for the past year. But apparently I used it as a return address a lot. Ouch. There 305 messages in it.

The address rondavis at reactuate.com was one of the email address I haven’t looked at. I had lots of people respond to me that I thought didn’t.

Boy do I feel dumb.

UPDATE: I’ve waded through it. Of the 305 201 were spam. Mostly sent to hotornot at reactuate.com, address that will soon be going away.

Some though were from real people. Ray sorry I didn’t respond earlier this year to your emails. How long is too long to respond? There were a couple of other bloggers I thought snubbed me that had responded. Sorry. The Kung-Log author was willing to do a product swap with me back in April, but since I never heard anything from him I ultimately made a donation.

Boy do I feel stupid.

UPDATE: Turns out this is the account that all email addresses that are wrong but sent to one of my domains goes to. Hotornot was already deleted. I added a filter to delete anything sent to that address. I’m also going to turn on spam filtering.

Written while listening to “We Didn’t Start the Fire”
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by Billy Joel
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