American Photo


The other day I picked up a copy of American Photo magazine because there was a picture of Nicole Kidman on the cover and the promise of 6 other beauties. I was blown away by the magazine. There were in fact 5 other pictures of beautiful women including Jullianne Moore in a gorgeous fall picture. The color was just incredible. There was another picture of Rebecca Romijn-Stamos with metal fingernails holding her right breast which was just cool.

But it was more than just these pictures which part of an article on the photographer. There was also a great article with awesome images about being an embedded reporter in Iraq. A picture of a Marine doctor cradling an orphaned Iraqi girl was great. There was also a side bar article by David Leesen an alumni of my college who was embed.

The point is this magazine is full of great photography. I’m trying to decide if I want to subscribe to it on my own or wait and ask for it for Christmas. Of course it is Bimonthly so they might be the same thing.

I’m looking for the picture of Romijn-Stamos to post to the blog but haven’t found it yet. There are a lot of pictures of her out there though. Look for a post on her soon.

ASIDE: I don’t think there is any such thing as a Marine Doctor. I believe the Navy provide all the doctors and maybe even all the medics. He was probably a Navy corpsman assigned to a Marine unit.

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