Putting serious thought into switching to MoveableType for my blog software. There are a number of things I want for my blog that Nucleus doesn’t have. Now I could add them myself, and that’s not a bad idea, but it takes time. Here’s a list of my missing features:

1) Comment Preview. There has been some discussion on the Nucleus support boards about writing a plugin to do this, but no one has done it. I also kind of think I needs to be part of the non-plugin comments code.

2) Email notify of new comments. I don’t mean emailing me the blogger which Nucleus does, but emailing people who want to be notified if a new comment is posted. I’m not sure MoveableType does this out of the box either.

3) Trackback Ping Being able to send the pings. I can now receive them, but can’t seem to send them. I wanted to trackback today on a post and wasn’t able to. If Kung-Log did it for me that would be enough.

4) Multiple categories for a post Nucleus only lets you have 1.

5) Paging of long lists. If you click on one of my categories at the top of the page you will get 10 posts in that category, but if you want to look at the 11th…well you can’t. There should be a page list at the end of the page telling you how many pages with 10 posts per page there are. Again, I don’t know if MT does this.

UPDATE: 6) Brief/Extended entries You can have a short version of your post and then see more for a long entry. It’s all in one in Nucleus.

For me the drawback are:

1) MT is written in Perl I hate Perl. I just wrote a book review for a PHP book and mentioned coding in Perl is like removing your cerebellum through your eye sockets. So I’d have to give up the ability to change the code of my blog.

2) Migration I’m not giving up almost a year of posts to change. But it should be possible to script a migration.

3)Generates static pages MT has this philosophy of generating HTML files that are actually read by those who come to your site, as opposed to generating the page with each view. This has the advantage of not using server processor every time a page is viewed. But it also takes some of the ability to generate stuff on the fly. I don’t need to save processor because I don’t have that many people viewing the site.

So I have to give this some thought. Anyone have any comments?

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  1. The Tortured Artist says:

    I don’t think MT does items 2 or 5, but there’s a huge library of plugins that might provide the functionality.

    As for drawback number 3, you can still add whatever PHP (or whatever) code you want to the templates for "on the fly" builds when the page is served. Again, the MT plugin library deals with a lot of these types of issues (e.g. for someone who wants to include RSS news feeds on a page).

    I like Movable Type a lot but I’ve never used Nucleus so I can’t really compare them.

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