Still sore


But I did run this morning anyway. I feel almost sick. Specific aches and pains, lethargic, head ache. But I’m keeping after it.

I ran this morning doing the interval thing. Slight change to times: 4 min warm-up, 10 intervals (1min walk/1min jog), 4 min cool-down.

Eating well. I wanted beef yesterday and we went to the Outback. Had a maragrita as well, to hopefully help with the muscle soreness. Felt better after I ate. Not sure it was strick BFL. Didn’t think about it till after I ordered but I think alcohol is free day only.

We got home about 7 and I really wanted to just go to sleep. But I knew that would screw up my sleep cycle so I watched 2 Wheel Tuesday, and then got the urge to watch one of my favorite movies The Fifth Element. Went to bed around 9:45. Up at 7 even though my alarm didn’t go off.

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  1. The Tortured Artist says:

    Mmmmmmmm… Leeloolicious.


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