Man I seem into these one word titles. Ray you corrupted me.

Caught the picture at the left on and liked the look of the bike. Its a BMW. It has a belt drive which I haven’t seen on anything but Harley/Buell. Doing a little research I find out the bike was designed by a maverick American at BMW.

I also found these pictures that show you can drop the bike at low speed without the fairing hitting the ground. So you could knock it over. Not really lay it down/crash it. Wonder if that impacts insurance costs? One of the reason sportbikes have high insurance rates is all the fiberglass that is easily damaged. Of course this bike isn’t a full fairing bike anyway.

One of the innovations in the bike is it comes in a variety of color schemes. Kind of wild to think you can pick from more than a couple of colors for a motorcycle.

Of course it is a BMW which means it will be expensive. Well its retail is $8,690 which isn’t great for a 650, but isn’t horrible either. Apparently this is BMW’s first belt driven bike and the first belt driven bike with a single swing arm.

They bike’s style is sort of a duel sport. Part off road as shown by the high suspension, but lots of street features. It also has a built in tank storage system which looks cool.

Mmmm haven’t been the the Houston BMW dealer. I think I need to look at this bike.

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  1. The Tortured Artist says:

    Sorry about the corruption, Ron. I even said I wasn’t going to do it anymore, and haven’t had a multi-word title since.

    Sweet bike… How long until the car payment stops and the bike payment starts?

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