Photo money angst


I just got a check from MacTech for a book review I wrote for them a few months ago. And I just got back from the motorcycle races, where I took a bunch of pictures. At the races I realized I’d have gotten a lot better pictures if I had a longer lens. They keep you away from the actual track so you need something more than the 35-70mm I have on my Nikon 4004. Plus I like to take pictures of people – especially pretty women – and that works better when they don’t know you are there.

So I was gung ho to get a new lens. There is Nikkor 80-300mm that is cheap and I decided to use some of the MacTech money and buy it. Even got the missus to agree. Found a good price on it and was all ready to buy it.

But this morning I started thinking of new reasons not to.

First and foremost I want a digital SLR. Of course I can’t afford one, not even the new Canon Digital Rebel.

Second I have to wait to get my film developed and put on a CD. Which makes me not want to shoot film.

Third if I do get a Digital SLR in the next year it probably won’t be a Nikon. Their new D2H has too low a megapixel and too high a price. So buying another lens seems a little dumb.

But you know I knew this yesterday when I was gung ho. The fact is I’m going to be using this camera for the foreseeable future and a new cheap lens will be a big help. So screw it I’m getting a new lens.

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