Atkins Week 3


So I finished week three. I currently weight 188.6, down 2 lbs from last week.

The Good

I’m only 2 lbs from my lowest weight since I started paying attention to it last year. Actually I remembered I used to keep my weight on my Palm since the turn of the century. Other than my low of 186, this is the lowest I’ve been since 2000.

I’m getting the urge to workout. I’m not real gung ho on cardio, but I’m interested in lifting again.

I was less strict this last week and actually ate some low carb ice cream (Le Carb), while in Arkansas. And I still lost weight.

The Bad

I’m very tired of the food choices now. I went on a trip to my parents and wasn’t able to eat some of the foods my Grandmother traditionally makes, like sweet potatoes. That sucked.

When I got home Sunday and got on the scale I was up in weight. But I’d lost it by Monday and was down from last week today. The Mrs was up and freaked and quit Atkins. She’s back on BFL.

The Future

I’m going to stick with it for the rest of the week. I’m going on a business trip next week and it may be hard to follow. Though it probably won’t be as hard to follow Atkins as it was to follow BFL.

When I get back I’m planning on switching to BFL, with a very low sugar content. Semi carb loading to pump up muscle size as I start lifting heavy again. I may even take Creatine. I expect doing this will make me gain 4-8 lbs quickly as my muscles replenish their glycogen stores. This is what happen on PFA. Hopefully this will translate into a higher lean body mass.

My mental goal is too look good when I first use my friends new pool. My best friend is getting a pool, its been in process for a number of weeks now. It will be useable in about 2 weeks. Don’t know if my plan will work in that time frame, but I may not get over there for three weeks, which might work.

Written while listening to “Crash and Burn”
album Affirmation

by Savage Garden