Lisa Hourin


Lisa Hourin is a fitness model with the most awesome abs I’ve ever seen on a woman. They are really impressive is you understand how hard it is to accomplish this at the body fat even athlete women have. She has a very long waist and I wonder if that contributes. She doesn’t really have an hourglass figure, but a long lean one. In her case I’d say it works, though normally I think of that as “a skinny sort of way”, as in “she’s pretty in a skinny sort of way”. Normally women with this body style have small breasts. Lisa’s don’t seem large or small, though she says she’s got a 37 in chest, which is a good size.

She has a diary, which is essentially a blog (though it lacks an RSS feed). She’s currently pregnant, which means her abs are awesome in a different way. There is a progression of her belly change. And some shots from a shoot she did while 3 months pregnant.

She’s got an wonderful body and a infectious smile.

Written while listening to “Don’t Look Back”
album The Raw & The Cooked

by Fine Young Cannibals