No music today


I’m having trouble sleeping. Its hard to go to sleep and harder to get up. I was up till almost 1 last night, watching Die Another Day on DVD and Dancing at the Blue Iguana on TIVO/HBO. Then when the alarm went off at 7 AM I was dead. I was also in pain, back pain, so I called and got an appointment with my chiropractor at 11:30. Sent an email in to work saying I wouldn’t be in till after noon. Tried to go back to sleep but only got about another fitful hour. Did have some pretty good sex though.

When I got in my car to drive to the doctor I started to turn on the radio, and then decided a little silence would be nice. I caught myself compulsively getting ready to turn it on. I realized I’ve got music pumping into my head all the time. So I decided no music today. No radio in the car. Not iTunes at work. No iPod later. It’s weird, but I think I’ll keep it up for today.