RSSless Blogs


I was looking around for some new blogs and first went to which seems to be all about the diary blog, which I’ve found to be very boring. Is Reactuate a diary blog? Maybe.

Then I went to Instapundit and decided to randomly click links in his blog roll. I found The Buck Stops Here and Joanne Jacobs. I immediatly subscribe to Buck’s blog, but Joanne’s doesn’t have an RSS feed. I read NetNewsWire all day long, but often don’t get to look at other blogs. There really isn’t a place for me to put them, unless I make a special page for them. Salam’s blog is RSSless. There’s a good gun/politics related blog by Clayton Crammer, again RSSless or I’d read it daily.

I don’t know. I guess people either don’t know how to do an RSS feed, or they fear the bandwidth usage, but that is covered here.