Atkins Day 2



My head is killing me. I’m groggy and was nauseous this morning. This is to be expected, and the worse it is, the better it’s suppose to be for you. It’s sugar withdrawals. I’m addicted and this is going cold turkey.

Find I want snack food. I’m not sure if I’m really hungry at these times, but I’m definitely used to snacking on sugary things. I got some Slim Jim beef jerky, which was the highest in fat, but the lowest in sugar at Costco. Didn’t expect beef jerky to have sugar in it, but the low fat turkey jerky I’ve been eating for months has 5g per serving.

UPDATE:Forgot to mention, I lost 1.4 pounds yesterday. I know it was water, but it was fast.

Written while listening to “When I Grow Up”
album Version 2.0

by Garbage