Left-wing/right-wing and Liberatarianism


Was reading on tx.guns to fill some time and came across an argument that someone was more right-wing than Genghis Khan. He mentioned the definition of right-wing on the Wikipedia and I went over to read it. I doubted the Genghis Khan was a right-winger as I understand the term. But after reading the definition I’d still not qualify Khan as right-wing because he tore down a lot of institutions. But I also wouldn’t qualify Republican’s as right-wing. I basically say the left/right wing definition is just bogus and tells us nothing about the beliefs of a political party.

I’ve always liked some of the beliefs of Libertarianism, having a good friend that is Libertarian, but felt they weren’t willing to say what was wrong. They couldn’t make up their minds. Having read the Wikipedia definition I have a tendency to give them more of a break. I’m very pro-life, but I know that there are Libertarians who are too, but they aren’t the mainstream. I understand there arguments, which are standard pro-choice arguments, but I feel abortion violates the basic right to live of unborn people, which if the Libertarian gave the unborn the rights of an individual, they’d protect. Or they’d have to deal with a sticky place where the rights of two people conflict.

UPDATE: Wikipedia entry Libertarian Controversy_on_Abortion
Do Libertarian’s have a hierarchy of rights? Are some more important than others? Does the more important trump the less important?

Still I’m probably not voting Libertarian in any upcoming elections, because they just won’t win. I’ll keep voting Republican and disagree with some issues from a Libertarian view point.

Written while listening to “Do What You Have To Do”
album Surfacing

by Sarah McLachlan

Written while listening to “Possession”
by Sarah Mclachlan