Two interesting blog worthy events this morning at church. First it is Palm Sunday and the church had its Easter play “The Borrowed Tomb”. Thing that really struck me was the story is really powerful. Seems strange for a life long Christian to be reminded the story is really powerful. It is THE STORY, of who Jesus was and what happen to him.

At one point though I had the cynical thought, “These people are the same people that protest violence in video games and that some pretty graphic violence of Jesus being whipped, beaten, spat on and executed”. Probably not as graphic as Mel Gibson is going to do, given his history with Braveheart. But that’s the story.

Second thing was they had a blood drive and I gave blood for the first time in years. They said it was for the troops and I’d been meaning to do it since before the war started and I heard on the radio the DoD had asked Houston blood banks to provide 500 units and the blood banks were already short.

Interesting how high tech the process is. They log in your information on laptops and then scan every step of the way using modified Palm Pilots with bar scanners built in. Tomorrow I can go to their website, enter my unit number and they’ll tell me my cholesterol level, and if I have HIV or other infectious diseases.

The church is a conservative Assembly of God and I thought it ironic to be asking 70+ year olds – who’ve probably gone to an AG church most of their life – if they’d had sex with a member of the same sex in the last three years. In the stall next to me there was a Vietnamese member of the church who wanted to give and one of these older women (probably a former missionary) who was going to translate the questions for them. Wondered if she’d know those words.

Interesting stuff.

Written while listening to “Miami”

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