Who eats better? You or your Kids?


I had a thought today about who eats better. Today is my BFL free day and I’ve never wanted one more. So I’m eating like a pig. Which really isn’t the best way to do BFL. But that said, my kids aren’t eating all that well either today and it got me to thinking, who eats better generally.

My kids are vegetarians. Which should mean they eat more vegetables, but doesn’t. Left to themselves, they would be cheese-and-wheat-atarians. The only corn they’d eat would be tortilla chips. But their mother has instituted a program for them and they have to eat 6 fruits and vegetables and 30 grams of protein everyday. There are more complicated rules on what counts as a vegetable, but I’m not sure what they are.

Now the question is, do I eat better than they? When doing BFL I probably eat as good, if not better than they. I don’t eat that many vegetables, but I have more protein.

Anyway, an interesting question for other parents.


  1. Sean says:

    Eating bad on one day compared to seven, I’d have to think that you eat better than them. Unfortunitly they are more succeptable to eating bad then you are at this stage of their lives. I know I’m not prepared to have kids in this day and age. I don’t envey people bringing kids up right now … so many outside influences and food is only a small one. Good luck …

  2. Sean says:

    You haven’t posted recently about your BFL or your PT program, how is it going? Which one are you using more now? Is PT over? You incorperating things from PT into BFL? Do tell!

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