Great Historical Article

Via InstaPundit: A historical perspective on the war. This quote just really struck me. This war is an abject and utter failure. What everyone thought would be a quick, decisive victory has turned into an embarrassing series of reversals. The enemy, – a ragtag, badly-fed collection of hotheads and fanatics – has failed to be…

Peace Activist Changes Mind

Via Instapundit: The personal story of Ken Joseph, a peace activist who went to Iraq as a human shield for his people, Assyrian Christians, and found they didn’t want peace. Truly fascinating read.

Krista Allen

I first saw Krista Allen on Smallville playing Lex Luthor’s wife. The episode was titled “Hot” and she was. Made Clark spout X-ray vision. Did a little searching on the net after that as found out she was a Baywatch Babe and started in an Emmanuelle series. Caught her on Fastlane recently as well as…


Did a little rearranging of the web page. With all the new stuff in the sidebar I decided it needed to be wider. Especially for the referrer stuff. I also tightened up some of the spacing. This wasn’t always easy because Nucleus controls some of the stuff. Like the Calendar, Search form, Login form and…

Like Duh Mr. Blix

Hans Blix says Iraqi’s are more likely to talk to invading forces than him.

New Albums

Been doing some file sharing since I got into AudioScrobber and found some songs I like and went a bought the whole albums. t.A.T.u – 200 km/h in the Wrong Lane. This pseudo-lesbian teen band from Russia actually has pretty good music. Their biggest hit is “All The Things She Said”, but “Stars” and “Malchik…

Oral Sex Donations

The internet never ceases to amaze me. Just when you thought you had seen everything. I was looking at a redhead blog ring and came to a particular rather old and empty blog with the badge to the left on the side. Be warned if you click on it you’ll be offering Ms. Unintelligible cunnilingus.


Did a search in Google for “Redhead blog” and found a site that had this one in its side bar. The Realm of Redheads.