New Albums


Been doing some file sharing since I got into AudioScrobber and found some songs I like and went a bought the whole albums.

t.A.T.u200 km/h in the Wrong Lane. This pseudo-lesbian teen band from Russia actually has pretty good music. Their biggest hit is “All The Things She Said”, but “Stars” and “Malchik Gay” are good too.

Meredith BrooksBlurring The Edges. “Bitch” is the most famous tune off this one and it is good, but there is a lot of other good stuff. I also like “Shatter” and “Somedays” and “What Would Happen”. This is raw chick music. By that I mean most of the lyrics are about what its like to be a single woman. But not in a mamby-pamby way, but in a straight on rock kind of way.