Did a little rearranging of the web page. With all the new stuff in the sidebar I decided it needed to be wider. Especially for the referrer stuff. I also tightened up some of the spacing. This wasn’t always easy because Nucleus controls some of the stuff. Like the Calendar, Search form, Login form and category list.

I got around the Search form by hardcoding it in to the page. This allowed me to put the button on the same line as the input field.

Couldn’t change the Categories list though. It seems to take up too much of the page. I’d like to go with 2 columns, but that would require changing the Nucleus code or hard coding the list. I don’t want to hard code because I want it to update whenever I change the list. Maybe there is a CSS way of doing this.

Speaking of CSS, most of the changes made to flip the page were done in the style sheet, not the HTML. Actually all of the flipping was done there.

I moved the calendar and search form under the categories list. Anyone have an opinion on what order the stuff should be in? Feel free to comment.