New Toy


For my birthday I got a 5GB iPod. Its really cool. I plugged it into my powerbook last night and it downloaded all my music in a few minutes.

I did discover I had 2 copies of almost all of my music. For some reason there was a version in my Music/iTunes Music folder and in my Music folder. Spent some time making sure all of the files were really in iTunes and then tossed the duplicates.

Of course I needed some new music, so I hit LimeWire looking for new stuff. I found I like Pink’s music and need to by her Missundazstood album.

Also like some of Kid Rock’s stuff. Specifically, Country Boy Can Survive, God Only Knows, and to some extent American Bad Ass.

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  1. Sean says:

    Nice man, I wish I had a TiBook … soon maybe soon. Anyhow, I agree with your entry in my guestbook but since her and I are buying them technically as our "wedding gifts" to each other we can afford to wait till like mid April since the wedding is May 2nd. I wish I had it today but then again I wish I had a lot of things today. Good luck with the iPod, I’m sure your have many hours of great listening with it.

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