Haven’t been working out


Its been over a week since I worked out. I was in San Francisco for a week at a trade show and didn’t work out at all. But since I’ve gotten back I haven’t worked out either. Need to find that inner motivation I used to have.

I should point out, that according to my BF scale I gained 3 pounds of muscle and lost fat last week. Even though I wasn’t eating right or working out. Of course standing up for 8 hours a day and walking about a mile a day isn’t totally exercise free. The muscle gain probably means I’ve been over training.

While I didn’t workout or eat right last week, I am eating right now.

This morning my alarm went off and I snoozed a couple of times, but finally I asked my half-conscious brain “How bad do you want it? Do you want to look good more than you want to sleep longer?” My brain came back, “I want to sleep.” So I slept. My wife thinks I may be sick, as one of our kids was this week. But I don’t know.

Tomorrow is aerobics, which I find easier to do. Of course I need to change my aerobics workout, which won’t be as much fun as a bike ride.

But I haven’t quit. I’m in a slump, but I haven’t quit. As long as I keep moving I haven’t failed.