Weigh day


A little disappointed today. It is weight and measurement day and while I was down a pound of scale weight over last week, my scale says it was muscle loss. I actually think it was water weight. Yesterday I had a Quizno’s low fat sandwich for two meals ( half a regular each meal). The fat and carbs are OK in that sandwich, but the sodium is outrageous. 1435 mg.

I’m starting to not trust my scale. It has been all over the place. We’re going to look for some calipers today. I don’t trust calipers much because when we did BFL a couple a years ago we had two people do it at the gym and their reading were 4% apart. We almost quit that week.

I used Fitday yesterday to calculate how much I was eating. My goals are to eat at least 180g protein each day, 20% of my calories from fat, and at least 1700 calories total and not more than 2000.

After meal 6 I had a little over 1200 calories. If added a MRS for my last meal I was still like 1400, way under. And my fat was like 15% of my calories and I didn’t have enough protein. So I talked myself into an extra meal that included and unauthorized Snickers bar, and a glass of no fat milk. Still inside my goals, and I did walk a quarter mile for the Snickers bar.

Here’s yesterday’s totals

Calories Eaten Today
source grams  cals %total
Total:   1946   
Fat: 39  354  19%
  Sat: 13  116  6%
  Poly: 59  3%
  Mono: 10  88  5%
Carbs: 197  726  39%
  Fiber: 16  0%
Protein: 193  770  42%
Alcohol: 0%

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  1. Suzi says:

    Sometimes you gotta eat what you gotta eat. Very rarely instead of your 67th turkey sandwich, it can be a Snickers. Cool.

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