Rachel McLish



The other day a guy the BFL list I’m on said when he needed to push out a couple more refs he imagines Rachel McLish urging him on. That reminded me of Ms. McLish. She’s the “First Lady of Fitness”, and author of Flex Appeal and Perfect Parts. One of the early pioneers in women’s fitness. A multiple time winner of Miss. Olympia, before it became steroidized.


Of course it should be pointed out her breast are new. And I have to admit she looks better with them. But her body is the product of lots of hard work. And she has a beautiful face as well.

The internet is an amazing thing, but it failed me with Rachel. No it wasn’t because I couldn’t find new pictures. It was because I couldn’t find a biography of her. Did a google search and got a lot of link sites, but found no bio or personal website. Update: Did a yahoo search and found this page.

While looking for pictures I found the MagicLight Productions, which is the site of photographer Robert Reiff who did pictures of a lot of fitness babes. Including the watermarked picture of Rachel.


  1. John Lemieux says:

    I was wondering if Rachel was related to Cal McLish the ex-Cleveland Indian pitcher??

  2. Anonymous says:

    I don’t know. Sorry

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