Back in the groove


I’m back at work today and eating is a lot simpler. We has some really great turkey breast on Christmas and there is plenty of left overs for me. Had some for meal 2 already.

Thought I’d share a couple of links. I’ve never mentioned Dr. Hussman’s site, but it has a lot of really good info on fitness and doing BFL.

I had the urge for a burger for lunch. We have burgers at home, but we can control what goes on them there. But I did find nutrition info for a number of fast food places.

Wendy’s – I eat their grilled chicken sandwich often

McDonald’s – this place is a disaster.

Arby’s – their light menu looks good, but they don’t guarantee it is at every Arby’s.

Subway – Lots of low fat stuff here. Though you still need to watch overall calories.

Quizno’s – I eat off their low fat menu often. I’ll get the regular size and eat it in two meals.