Day 15


Its 12:13, I missed my workout this morning because my wife turned off the clock when it went off. She’s the new time keeper. Clock used to be on my side of the bed, but it kept being fast. We bought a new clock and it started doing the same thing. I think it may be the plug. So we moved it to the other side of the bed, which means she has to turn it off or snooze it.

I’ll work out this evening, but I don’t like doing it in the evening because I have less energy. And it takes up time I’d rather use doing something else.

I’ve spent the morning learning the program I’m working on won’t work on read only disks, like the CD it ships on. That’s OK, we don’t want to run on read only, but I’d like to tell the user that. But it won’t even launch and let me put up an alert.

Did I mention I may be getting sick? One of my co-workers was sick with some coughing illness last week. Now the other two of us are showing signs. My co-worker B is horse. I woke up at 5:15 with a sore throat, but it seems to be gone now. I’m light headed and weak, but functioning. When I eat I feel better. Good thing I eat 6 times a day.

So I’m feeling weird, frustrated and bored. I want to go to lunch, but I’m not due another meal till 1. So I’m blogging, while my subconscious is working on the read-only volume problem.