Week 2 reflections



Well its the end of week two. I’m not sure I have any great insights this week. I’m more on auto-pilot, back in the BFL groove. I’ve gotten past the hungry stage and am now in this, “God do I really have to eat again?” stage.

Not near as sore as I was week one. Don’t know if that is a good thing.

One newbie tip is never weight yourself after free day. Do it before, because you will gain weight on that day. Most of it is water weight, but still don’t psych yourself out.

And while we’re on the subject of weighting, don’t do it everyday. My wife has been doing it everyday and “nothing was changing”, but Saturday morning her BF was the lowest its been and under 30% for the first time. So don’t torture yourself. Plan when you’ll do measurements and do it then. I do it once a week on Saturday morning.

Here’s my weight for week 2, 191.0 and 20.5%. That’s down 5 pounds from starting, but it is scale weight. If the BF stuff is right, and with bioimpeadence you never know, I’m down 3.58 lbs of muscle, and -1.42 lbs of fat. Waist doesn’t seem to be down much.

I decided if I reach January and I’m not making noticeable changes, I’m going to get hard core with physiquetransformation.com. It seems they are very strict and precise. That may be what I need to hit my goals. Ultimately I’d like to look something like Bart. I went to this site because I like the look Bart had in the picture to the right. I think that’s more what the muscle under my fat will look like than some other pictures I’ve seen.